Reply To Dumb Bitch TextSlayer01


Look, I am not playing any games with your dumb ass hoe. I have moved on and basically you have not figured that out yet. I started seeing Charlene a week after we split. If I can recall you told me that you were over me remember! So why the fuck do you need to publicly put our pass business on a media site? I am like trippin right now.

You said I fought you like a man but if I remember you threw all my shit out the house, burned my records, and then had a nerve to hit me with a lamp. You are delusional and no one will believe your lies. Are you truly happy? I find that those who decide to get online to get sympathy from others are looking to find others to be miserable with them.

I had to get permission to set the record straight post what ever you like bitch cause I will forever defend me and my new relationship. My words cut deep and I am ready for whatever. You claiming you have shot the gun but bitch I just threw the fucking grenade. BOOM! BITCH KEEP IT COMING I GOT WORDS FOR DAYS.

Micheal “The One Who Will Tell The Real Truth”


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