Homework Market Sites & Study Pool Does it Again!

Homework Market Sites & Study Pool Does it Again!


I wanted to write this article basically about homework market site. They are a company that allow people to supply homework to those who need help for funds. Something has happened and you guys need to know about it. There was a young lady who was venting to me this morning how one of her tutors took her money and ran and did not reply or do the work that was required of her. I asked her if she was able to report the issue. She explained that the people from the site will try to recover the funds, but the tutor can just create another account to start fresh to take your money again. Let’s be clear, I am not a supporter of this type of site as you guys know I supply information on my blogs for free. But I had to let her story be told. If you just think that this is to bring a business down, then check out the links below it is not just us talking.




I am here to give you guys the tea and I will blog the hell out of your business if you screw over honest customers. 


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