Future, and Other Men On Social Media, Should Shut Up About Their Custodial Issues

Future, and Other Men On Social Media, Should Shut Up About Their Custodial Issues.

By: Michael Arceneaux

There are certain conversations between straight people online that make me want to throw my computer and phone into a sea of hot sauce. Of those topics, by far the most grating to the nerve is one centered on child support and all related custodial matters. Here’s how it goes: Some famous man – typically Black – expresses some grievance about the amount of child support he has to pay and/or purportedly not being able to see his child as much as he feels he should. In turn, men on social media – many of whom who will never, ever have a rich man’s problems – suffocates many folks’ timelines with complaints, most of which only exist within the confines of their imagination.

On the first Monday of 2016, Future took to the Twitter to be the latest famous man to engage in this practice, and like all of the other men before him, I wish the Negro would’ve turned to a diary instead.

Rap’s Karen Walker began his online complaining with “This bitch got control problems…”

Problem number one: Future is calling Ciara, the mother of his son a “bitch.” Trust me when I tell you that more often than not, when a son sees his dad refer to his mama this way, the only “bitch” to that child is the one with the penis. That’s not how you refer to the woman who gave one of your kids life, no matter how feisty you’re feeling in that moment.

Future then followed with: “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the fuckery for 15k a month.”

Problem number two: This is none of the public’s business. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about Future and Ciara’s relationship, but I do know he cheated on her, thus ending their engagement. To that end, you reap what your wayward sexual appetite has sown, beloved. Meanwhile, as far as the 15k goes, you’re Future. You can afford it. Hell, I’ve chipped in by way of plenty of sales. You’re welcome, Black man.

After that $15,000 a month in child support reference came the complaints of mere commoners (and that’s no shade as I’m not famous either). For some reason, they, too, want to complain about child support. However, child support is based on income, so if you can afford it, that’s on you. Don’t want to pay child support? Buy condoms, it’s cheaper. Even so, a lot of these men fancy themselves as being rich, hence, their irritation with the child support figure Ciara and other women who have had babies by wealthy men get. Here’s how to solve that: realize your ass isn’t rich.

See that? I just saved you so much stress. I can give you my PayPal if you want to throw something in my tip car.

Next came Future’s declaration: “I jus want babyfuture that’s all.”

Tell the judge, not the world, my dude.

Followed by the claim: “I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience.”

This, this right here, this is a damn lie.

Perhaps it’s the “meds” making Future forgetful, but he has very much publicly commented on Ciara – namely her relationship withRussell Wilson and Wilson being around his son – on radio. Ciara made a ballad vaguely referencing the end of her relationship with Future, but she has kept this private matter about her child with Future private. You know, the adult way.

For men who take issue with their baby mama moving on with a new man and that man being around their child, find your ass a booster seat to look at what adulthood looks like. You cheated on Ciara, she moved on, and she found a man who she is serious enough in her life that she introduced him to her son — who he likes. Don’t like it? Oh well. Such is life. Our choices have consequences. Damn, this is what it must feel like being Iyanla Vanzant.

Bottom line, in the future, Future should exercise restraint in what he shares with the world when it comes to his child. We don’t need to know about any of his baby mamas – all four of them – nor do we need to read any of them referred to as bitches. That’s not a good example for any child, much less a Black male child.

As for you Black men on social media living vicariously through Future and other men like him, sip some reality and chill on your misogynistic bullshit. Chances are you’ll never be in their positions, but if nothing else, you can at least try to be something resembling a decent human being.

Ashe, you damn fools.




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