A Relationship Gone Wrong.. Subject(s) Mark & Amanda


Author: Jaquetta Stevens Aka Ms Opinionated:

A Relationship Gone Wrong Mark & Amanda Story.

Do not end up like this couple people!


broken heart

Mark & Amanda

      One couple that I would like to talk about is Mark and Amanda. This couple went through a tremendous set of obstacles in their relationship to discover that they were truly not meant for one another. I could not imagine how one must have felt knowing that they spent so much time trying to make something work, that was destined for disappointment. Amanda was a cashier at a local grocery store. Mark had just moved to Amanda’s home town and happened to go through her checkout line. Amanda proceeded to engage in conversation with Mark and expressed that he was quite attractive and wanted to know if she could have his number.

      It is quite clear that Amanda is moving quickly in pursuing a man she does not know anything about other than he is attractive. In addition, she did not give Mark a chance to show his interest towards her. Most tend to demonstrate this same behavior of jumping to fast into situations that are potentially not healthy. I am not saying that it’s a bad quality to pursue someone first, but we must remember that sometimes we need to give the other individual a chance to show signs that they also are intrigued by you. How do we know that Mark wanted to talk to Amanda, or found her attractive? Do you think that Mark would have pursued her if she did not pursue him? Although, all seems well now let’s see how this all plays out. 

   Amanda and Mark began going on dates within a week and within a few months decided to move forward in a more committed relationship. After this decision Mark found himself moved in with Amanda without any source of income. Let’s be clear! How do you know that you are in love, or feel that moving in together is smart when you only known him for a few months?  Amanda knew exactly what she was doing, and the picture is crystal clear that she wanted love so bad that she pursued a man, they shared sexual and intimate times together without being married and moved him in her home without the knowledge of his prior background or stable income. To be honest, does this sound like a wise decision? 

  Most couples find themselves in this same situation daily, It’s not surprising that many women and men are constantly arguing and fighting over issues in relationships that both individuals just went about the wrong way.  As the relationship progressed Amanda then  discovered that Mark had other children from three different women, Knowing this information allowed Amanda to feel as if there was dishonesty in their relationship and she demanded  change, attention, and respect. Mark explained that he felt that he did nothing wrong because she never asked him about his past.

   Is it fair to say that Mark has a point? It is not a secret that Amanda rushed into a situation that she had no research on at all. At this point, it’s time for her to be more responsible and get out while she can. But, Amanda does the opposite and although she has found out this heart breaking news, still decides to stay in this mixed up relationship. Three years later Amanda begins to wondering when Mark will make the move to propose. Amanda feels that since she and Mark have been dating for this long period, that it’s only expected for Mark to put a ring on her finger.

          It’s crazy how she can feel so much disrespect from Mark, but still wants to give herself to this man in marriage! Mark made it clear that he did not want marriage, and he refused to talk about it any further. Amanda still demands answers and persist on confronting Mark about this situation. Amanda then began to nag and complain as she adds that Mark does not love her. Mark agreed that he was never in love with Amanda; When Amanda heard this news, she was crushed and began yelling and screaming violently. Mark finds himself locked in a room angered, and Amanda in another room to cry alone in the dark.

       I must admit; I have seen plenty of women in this same scenario and I cannot understand why they want a relationship such as this one so badly. We have to understand that if someone cares for us they will do without you asking of him or her. Do not be so caught up on the person that you cannot see your situation clearly.  In relationships, I tend to see men and women focus or try so hard to gain the love of another that does not want them back. Time and time again you will find yourself hurt in the process. Yes, I do believe that both parties are equally responsible for what they are doing, and they both need to reflect and focus on how they are going to make this unhealthy lifestyle better. 

       Mark decides after going through so much stress and hardships that it’s time to look  for a job. Mark plans to stay home every single day while Amanda works while he stays home to search for employment on the world wide web. Upon his search Mark discovers other areas of interest, Mark already feels unappreciated and tired in his relationship, and he feels as if he is not being heard or even getting his way so he ventures off to relieve sexual tensions. Mark finds himself on several porn sites, and he engages in watching graphic photos, videos, and he decides to relieve himself in masturbation.

      For months, Mark finds himself over many porn sites and indulging in many roles with himself. When that became regular and unsatisfying, he pursued to take it to another level in meeting singles off dating sites.  Amanda would come home to an empty space even though both parties lived in the same house. Amanda still did her duties as a faithful partner which were cooking, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the house. Mark had other plans and refused to talk to Amanda, so he chose to avoid her at all cost as he lived the life of chatting it up with singles from sites all over the web.

      Mark at this point has no remorse and is more into satisfying his personal needs. Amanda has no idea about these activities and is focused on building communication and demand he gives her love although their relationship is such a big mess.  To be completely honest, there’s many women  and men married today, and their husbands or wives take pleasure in these types of things. The sad part of this whole situation is that, they have no concern or feel any guilt behind it. Why?




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