Marriage… Why Rush Into It?

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Jaquetta Stevens aka Ms Opinionated:


What’s the big rush?

           I tend to ask individuals who end up in marriage counseling only being married for 2 months why was it such a need to rush into marriage? Most would say that they knew right away that their partner was their soul mate.  If you know that someone is your soul mate, why should you expect to marry so quickly without taking it slow? I mean if they are your soul mate they will stay yours forever right? I believe that sometimes it’s safe to test the waters even if we feel that we have met the man or woman of our dreams.

         What we fail to understand is that no matter how long we have been in a relationship we will never know everything about our partners. It takes time to understand the dislikes and the likes of the person we plan to spend the rest of our lives with, or our partners  we have been married too for many years.  I wish most individuals would see it this way and maybe the divorce rate would decrease. Although, these individuals insist to marry right away does not mean that all relationships that moved fast end badly.

      In these cases, the man and the woman have agreed on terms that is easier for them to live life and in this case it makes it easier for them to have a relationship without expecting surprises later on in the future. I know that sometimes we feel that we know that it is the right time to marry that man or woman we feel we were destined to be with. However, if we take the time to hold off and date longer than getting married in the first two months you will truly see things differently.

      The reason I feel that most couples should wait is because they have a chance to discover more of the faults as they began to grow to know each other on a more intimate level. Most women and men should take the time to see how their partner interact with his or her friends and family  members. There is nothing better than seeing the person you love interact with others who mean so much to them. This will allow you to see more of their true self before you decide to marry.


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