This blog posting is going to be short and sweet. Everyone was all over the place talking about how this man was going to be one of the best players in the NFL. However, as I have followed him, I have discovered that he is a total waste to the football community. Why the hell is he even on the team? I mean live up to the hype that they announced on television of him being this spectacular player. I have had enough now! There are some great athletes out there who need to be on a team and need to grace us with their talents. We do not need some football player who was said to be great that can’t even spell football more less play it! I feel he is on the team taking up space; surprisingly he has plenty of time to get married, but can’t seem to stay on the field long enough to become relevant.

It seems that so many of these players are more concerned of being a celebrity than playing a game. If I wanted to know about RG3 getting married, going fishing, and what he does in his spare time I would have went to Entertainment news! I watch sports center to find out what changes are being made so that the Washington Redskins can finally win a game for a change. If I was Jay Gruden I would kick him off the team ASAP to save the team from more disappointment. It is clear that the name RG3 is a joke just as his skills are on the field SMH.


Rebecca you can have him honey…. Cause I do not think anyone knows who is is… Who are we talking about again?……..  oh yeah..




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