You-Tube (Suicide Goodbyes,Crime,& Lack of Knowledge)


Jaquetta Stevens aka Ms. Opinionated

You-tube has been losing users due to all the unnecessary rules.

You-tube continues to do a terrible job with keeping content makers on their platform. This is simply because You-tube has too many rules that for some tubers are just not necessary. I find many outraged by how You-tube has ripped them off and even telling content makers what they can and cannot post on their channels. I mean this seems much like a double standard being that the site is called You-tube! My Question is how do they expect to have content makers when they reject a certain content maker’s work?

Then it was mentioned that they would pay for allowing ads on their platform, but still you are pounded by regulations that most find it hard to get ahead.  You can have millions of views and still struggle to make $500.00 a month. To be honest, the content makers are doing You-Tube a favor and they should understand this before they may find themselves out of business. I heard many say how they could not wait for someone to come out with a different platform that allows content makers to truly be creative and get the pay they deserve.

After watching many complain about You-Tube and many of the platforms flaws, I had to write a post to inform everyone on what is truly happening. It is the year 2016 and You-Tube has nothing more to give the public but old themes and music videos to keep most watching. You might as well be a T.V. Station that supports music videos and movies because you have more of that than you do real people speaking in a camera! I guess all I am trying to say is what is You-Tube good for these days? If I had to answer that question it would be porn and other nonsense to promote more violence and less education for this generation.

Over a course of time I have seen more suicide goodbyes then a helpful video, Bullying of children fighting one another, and let’s not forget the terrible outbreak of unlawfulness on a human being. If this is all you have to offer you can keep your damn platform and kiss the asses of many original content makers trying to make something of themselves. I have no problem stating the facts! pretty soon many will see just what I am writing today is true. In addition when these people finally wake up, they will realize how much of a waste of time You-Tube and its bullshit they advertise is not worth a the views.


Sincerely Ms. Opinionated!


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