Jealous Women in the Family!


Author: Jaquetta R. Stevens aka Ms. Opinionated

Jealous Women in the Family!

Yes it happens! The women who are supposed to be your support system instead are the ones that are looking desperately for your downfalls. It is amazing how you can be brought up with close cousins, and learn from your aunts when you were a child, to later grow up and realize that even your very own mother may envy you and your success. I never thought we would see the day when the women in the family talks about their own children, nieces, or in-laws every single chance they get, just because in reality they are miserable with their own lives. This may be a hard pill to swallow but it is very true.

I have heard stories of college girls desperately trying to understand why their mom, aunt, or cousin seems to have such envy against them. It’s like they have to be a different person when they are around them. I have even heard many of these young girls mentioning how they rather not go home because of the high criticism they face from their family. It is sad but true! I mean why would anyone want to be around the hardcore group of miserable women who find nothing better to do with their lives but to be jealous of someone else.

Most of these women have a hard time dealing with their failed marriages, unproportioned bodies, resentment for not living, and the constant reminder that they failed in their life choices. Then they look at the child, niece, or in-law and see the remarkable things going on in their lives and realize that it is not them. Jealous Much! I would have to say yes; however, these jealous types should not blame these women for being on top of their game and living a life they never lived. Instead they should look up to them, ask for advice on how not to be a miserable, unaccomplished, and overly critical on others lives. Besides! How can anyone speak on someone’s life if they have not lived in their shoes?

They get mad turn up their lips because yes! The successful woman looks good, has all her teeth, nice body, hair, and a husband that loves her. It is only normal for the hater to have something to say. What really bothers me is when they want to tell their daughter, niece, or in-law what their husband should or could be doing better. I have to ask the question; are they still married? I do not think any advice should be given if the marriage that these successful women have is still maintaining longer than the women who are giving critical advice. You have the overly opinionated mom who cannot understand why she is alone, the aunt that does not know how to let the man find her, the cousin who swears that everything that has happened in their life is someone else fault, and the women who want to make the sexy little in-law feel she doesn’t fit because they are jealous of their looks and afraid that she will take their men.

So here’s the thing; to all you successful women that are dealing with the jealous women in your family. Stop caring about how they view you or what they may say to bring down your spirits. Know this! They would not talk unless you were doing something right. They will continue to be bitter as long as they have nothing better going on in their lives. They hate to see you thrive, and cringe at the success that you’ve gained without the constant help of them. They will be angered because you are sexy, smart, and have a husband who wants to come home to you at night. I find it disturbing that you women have to go through this; it seems that it happens to the free spirited, compassionate, and attractive ones. If I could change this for you I would but instead, I will write and let you know that you are not alone. There are many who face this same vice and everyday they wonder why they go through so much hell with their unhappy miserable family. In all, a woman is a woman and even if they birth you, may be a cousin, or an aunt they will carry the trait that every woman and man has and that is jealousy.


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