Largo police: Stolen puppy traded for crack found

Largo police: Stolen puppy traded for crack found


The Yorkshire terrier puppy stolen from a Largo pet shop and traded for crack has been found, police say.

The puppy was taken from All About Puppies on Ulmerton Road on Jan. 12. Surveillance video showed a man putting the dog, which is valued at $1,600, down his shirt and leaving the store.

Wayne Junior Barfield, 38, was arrested last week in connection with the theft. Police said he told them he traded the puppy for crack and cash.

The puppy, which was microchipped, was listed on state and national databases as stolen.

Police say that on Wednesday, they learned that Partridge Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg was treating the puppy. After seeing media reports about the theft of the dog, the animal hospital’s staff scanned the dog’s microchip and positively identified it.

Detectives are now speaking with the family who brought the dog to the veterinarian to determine who had been in possession of the puppy for the past week.

The family, who named the dog “Cookie,” brought her to the vet when she became very sick three days ago.

The hospital staff said the family had no idea the dog was stolen. They said the puppy has an upper respiratory infection and intestinal parasites, which have caused intestinal bleeding and anemia.

The staff said she is currently on intravenous fluids and is being treated with antibiotics, anti-parasitics and other medications.

“She is still coughing, but her chest already sounds much better and is much perkier today!” the staff wrote on the hospital’s Facebook page.

The veterinarian said the dog is now doing well and will be returned to All About Puppies when it is medically cleared.

The investigation continues.



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