The Sports Bar Is The Rudest Establishment Ever!

The Sports Bar Is The Rudest Establishment Ever!

Sports Bar

On January 24th 2016, I made my way down to The Sports Bar located at 9685 Bay Pines Blvd. Seminole, Fl 33708. I was sitting inside attending the football Sunday games when I noticed the staff dealing with the local customers at the establishment. I discovered one couple at a table ready to order and was not approached for at least a good 20 minutes. The couple became impatient and told the waitress that their table was ready to order. Rudely the waitress turned to the elderly man and said “I do not have a pen you are going to have to wait I am only one person serving plenty of customers”. The couple ignored the waitress statement and continued on watching the game. The waitress then came back to the table and asked the couple what they were having. The couple ordered their food and waited patiently for their order.

   About thirty minutes after receiving their food the elderly couple needed refills for their drinks. The waitress paced the floor asking all couples if they needed anything even me sitting at the bar by myself. However, the waitress felt no need to ask the elderly couple if they needed anything. It got so bad to watch that I went to the manager and requested for a different waitress to offer to refill the couple’s drinks. I must admit I was shocked to see this treatment and I do not feel that I need to give them anymore my business. If you happen to go to this spot be very careful because plenty of discrimination happens here and you will be lucky to meet a friendly face that does not give you attitude. Many individuals pick to be in customer service but act like assholes when in their positions. Well, congratulations for be the most hated establishment I ever attended in the state of Florida.

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