Thoughts Of A Therapist

Author: Jaquetta Stevens aka Ms. Opinionated


The Thoughts Of A Therapist 

It’s sad how you can be in a committed relationship and couldn’t care less about making every moment the best moments. Instead, you are cold; you act as if your partner does not exist! I find it hard to understand why you tried so hard in the beginning to get a woman or man that you were not ready for. I am sorry to say that sex does not replace a good heart, nor does it make you more intelligent. You feel that every single thing revolves around you and to be honest you need to wake up! I am tired of being your cheerleader and you continue to play an unfair game. The game of love is honest and the referee’s are not needed.

If you love someone then you must show them more than you tell them. Meaning, no more late night creeping, on the phone with exes, and planning out of state trips for a booty call. If you have a good woman or man, keep them and treat them right! What makes an individual who has a wonderful partner, who  loves them dearly feel they need more! The rules are this! Marriage is not perfect neither is life! So why do you feel that everything has to be perfect when it involves you? I stress too many times this very lesson, and will continue for as long as I live. You must believe me when I say, “some individuals just find it hard to live past the pain”.

Do not think that an apology will be the medicine for worthless spouse. Do not think that you will be able to walk through the door with flowers after being out all night and expect to have sex! Absolutely Not! Do not think that when you walk through my doors with your husband or wife that I am going to show pity for you or the crocodile tears you display. As your therapist, I must inform you it’s time to change. Standup, admit you’re wrong, and stop with the games that you play. A right man or woman looks in the mirror and YES! Knows what he or she looks like. So in this case, a manipulator is the clothing that you wear. Change the outfit; get new shoes because a path that is greater than you’ve ever walked waits ahead.

 The last session of therapy will be one you will never forget, and it will probably be the last time I am willing to see your face. My heart has turned cold like winter, and I find it hard to stare at you as my anger fuels like a fire. These mixed emotions of cold and hot still find a balance that allows me to have compassion to save your relationship. So I scheduled another appointment, drink my tea, read inspiring words that reminds me why I help those who need it. It’s all because I care and love what I do.



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