Woman Finds Out That Her Husband Was Having Sex With Her Father.

Woman Finds Out That Her Husband Was Having Sex With Her Father.

 Rachel Moore, who was born and raised in Texas, has found out some very disturbing news! Rachel reported that she caught her husband in bed with her 65-year-old father. Rachel explained that she was crushed after discovering that for three years her husband was having intercourse with her father while she was at work during the day. She explained that she knew something wasn’t right when she tried to entice her husband and he would not jump at the bait. She mentioned that “this went on for years and I just got tired of the nonsense. My first thought was that he was cheating on me, I would have never thought that it would have been with my father”.

Rachel has been trying to move on with her life but has questions for her father and her ex husband. Rachel’s mother Sharon refused to give any comments on the situation when approached. Rachel admits that it will be a long time before she could ever trust again after this incident. She hopes that her father will understand that he has destroyed their family and will never have that relationship he once had with his daughter again. Rachel also mentioned that there’s no need for her father to expect to see his grandchildren for a long time. She stated “I just do not feel comfortable with my two boys around this man”.

According to an unknown source the two men were having oral and dominatrix sex often. The two men would go to hotels, cars, storage buildings, and sometimes at Rachel’s father’s home. Videos of the sexual acts were made, and the men would watch on their own personal devices.  Rachel wanted to know from her husband why he felt the need to sleep with her father and he stated that “he has always been attracted to men since he was 6-years-old. It was discovered later that Rachel’s husband was molested as a child and has not had therapy for his traumatic experience.

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