A Christian Man Wants To Kill Himself & Explains Why…

A Christian Man Wants To Kill Himself & Explains Why…




A Florida man, who was interviewed early this week, believes that he has spent too much time on this earth. The individual says that he gets so tired of seeing bad things on this earth that he feels that he cannot endure anymore and must end his life. He mentioned ”I feel so depressed and my heart aches as I see children dying, men disrespecting their family and friends, fights in the household with married couples, disrespect in music, politics, racism, and a generation of lawlessness”. He also added that he felt that he could not go on another day in a time such as this, In addition, he feels that it’s a better idea to make peace with individuals he loves to say goodbye.

 The Florida man said that the hardest thing that he could do at this point is to tell his family farewell and not to be disappointed in his decision. The Florida man made it clear that he believes in God, but felt that he could not wait any longer and that he needs to be at piece. Some of the members of his church stood by his side of pain, but they do not believe that they can be supportive of his decision to take his life. A lady from the man’s church named Ruby explained that “God decides when it’s time to leave this earth and only God; you do not have the right to decide when it’s time for you to go home! God gives life, and he takes it away but only God not man”.

Others from the church have been reaching out and some of the male deacons are standing by his side and sometimes staying overnight reading scriptures to put the Florida man in better spirits. Although all the members are not happy about the man’s decisions, they plan to still pray as much as they can that the enemy does not take a soul that God owns. The church believes that the bible studies and prayer would be enough and there’s no need to go to other sources at this time.  However, although the members are sticking with their plan they are most certainly not rejecting other help later if needed.


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