Department Of Children & Families

Department of children and families could care less about helping people

Author: Jaquetta Stevens aka Ms. Opinionated.



Clarissa Moore reported how she was disgraced about how she was treated on a call with the Florida Department of children and families. She mentioned when applying for food assistance the representative seemed to be rude and lacking patience. Clarissa Moore has only been on assistance for 2 months, and when she calls to receive help with her concerns the response is far from friendly.  On 2/22/2016 Clarissa called DCF because she was having issues with her case. Clarissa reported that the representative told her to take it up with someone else because she did not have the time nor would sit and listen to her story.

The agent hung up the phone and Clarissa set out to call the head office to complain. After waiting for about thirty minutes for a representative, she was told that the only way to voice her complaint is through a letter and it had to be faxed or mailed to the head office. Clarissa was so drained by this point that she decided to take her case to a lawyer since she had her conversations recorded. More information on this story is in development. If you have suffered from poor assistance with this company you too may be able to do something about it. After all, these individuals are paid to give you their guidance in a difficult time. 


5 thoughts on “Department Of Children & Families”

  1. I have a problem with The Department of Children And Families as well! not with food stamps but with their Child Protection Portion of the company! I have shared custody of my son who is 8 years old. His father is abusive and has a domestic violence record, he also has been on probation and jail for drugs. He is constantly house hopping, I never know who my son is around or where he is living when he is with his father. he come back to me looking like he was in a UFC match with Chuck Liddell and they are not doing anything about it! this last incident, Jan 31st 2016 my child came back to me with bruises and scrapes, he informed me that his father’s girlfriend/ roommate’s son hit him in the eye and she grabbed him and drug him down the hall by his arm and proceeded to beat him with a belt!!! i got the authorities involved, CPS was involved, i tried to put injunctions on the woman and my sons father, because he was there when it happened but the excuse was he was sleeping!!! CPS is doing nothing, Sheriff did nothing! Judge is doing nothing! I cant even get approved for low income legal aid!!! everyone i need has to be subpoenaed by a lawyer to testify legally! my child is stuck in the middle of this crap being brainwashed into thinking that the truth is bad! I visited my son one day after all this mess (because i am court ordered to share custody so he had to go back or i would be in contempt!…) He reeked of animal urine and informed me that he was scolded for telling the truth about what really happened to him and that his father said whether it was true or not it was NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!! REALLY!!! CPS could not even find the father to interview him! I have no way to contact his father if something were to happen! He purposely keeps it under wraps! but yet he knows where I live! he has a contact number for me, but refuses to use it and lies to the judge saying i never gave him one!!! I am sick of my son being in this situation! he is failing school! he is getting referrals! lying and stealing! and he is only 8!!!! no one believes me that can do anything about it! I dont have the funds to get a top lawyer to handle this properly, CPS/DCF isn’t doing anything about it! his father always plays the “He’s a boy, he plays hard and rough” “Its Just childs play” his father gets off scot free for choking one little girl and decking another off of a couch!!! CPS/DCF has reports of this! the first one he fled the scene! states attorney didn’t have enough evidence to charge him!
    the second little girl was removed from their home along with her siblings! but yet my sons father was not charged in anything just ADVISED not to be around them!!! CPS/DCF is a fucking joke! they dont help kids with abuse! they allow them to die! I pray that my son never has to face that, but in his fathers care he just might and i want him to explain how “its childs play” and “he a boy and play hard” will be a proper excuse then!!! this is my go fund me page! share!! donate!!! help me get my son out of this abusive situation!!!

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