Jesus Visits A Woman In Her Bedroom She Retells Her Story.

Author: Jaquetta Stevens aka Ms. Opinionated


 Jesus Visits A Woman In Her Bedroom She Retells Her Story.


A Christian woman, who has lived in a community for 33 years has a wonderful story to share about her meeting with Jesus. Every day the woman would pray and give thanks to God as she would dedicate her life to Jesus, and thank him for all he has done. She would find herself during her days asking him in mind of what she could do to please him and made sure that no matter what she never missed a day speaking of how she loved him so.

One night the woman went to bed and she woke up the next morning seeing a face that she knew in her heart was Jesus. She mentioned that her vision was clear and she has worn glasses for years and without them waking up she could see his face clearly. She mentioned that she was startled in fear as she screamed after seeing the face but then was calmed. Her husband, who was lying beside her at the time, was startled by the scream and woke up immediately asking the woman what was wrong. She said with a love in her heart as tears ran down her face “it was Jesus”! He came to see me!

This was the greatest days of her life and she needed to tell everyone before she dies. She remembers this visit just like it was yesterday, and her heart is filled with joy and her soul feels so good just speaking about it. She mentioned that the visit happened after she said this unique prayer.

“Our father whom art in heaven, holy is your name lord; I ask God that you will forgive me for my sins and allow me to be what you want me to be. I know I am not perfect, but God I know you see and know my heart. Lord God you know what I can be, If I have failed you make me right so that I may not disappoint you anymore. I want to love you more than anything and everything on this earth. Do not even let my children, husband, mother, or father be more important than you. I want to please you so I can be your wife in heaven. In the name of the father, name of the son, and the blessed Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, AMEN.

 The story will continue Jesus is making himself known to his believers. The time is near. The lady mentioned that “If you say this prayer you will get a visit from God if your heart is pure and you believe. You must say this prayer everyday. 


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