Fugitive rape suspect from Tampa tracked down in Texas

Fugitive rape suspect from Tampa tracked down in Texas


A Tampa man facing sexual battery charges who cut off his electronic monitoring device and left town has been apprehended in Texas.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Kevin McGruder, 21, left his home Friday at 11:45 a.m. without authorization while wearing the device.

McGruder was arrested Sunday in Kimble County, Texas, and will be held there until he can be brought back to Hillsborough County.

Two arrest warrants had been issued for McGruder. One was issued for escape from custody and altering and damaging an electronic transmitting device. The other is for armed kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and carjacking with a deadly weapon.

In February 2015, McGruder was arrested and charged with with raping a teenage girl in Okeechobee County, then tying the 17-year-old to a tree and taking her baby.

Deputies said McGruder had taken the teenager and her baby against her will, and that during the course of their journey, McGruder raped the girl.

Deputies said McGruder then tied the girl to a tree with an electrical cord and left her in a wooded area in Okeechobee County, taking the baby with him.

Two weeks later, authorities in Osceola County found McGruder and the baby near the Desert Inn in Yeehaw Junction and took him into custody, returning him to Okeechobee County.



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