SunCruz Port Richey Casino

SunCruz Port Richey Casino


Sorry to be the individual to break this to you, but I must speak on this cruise boat and tell you the full complete truth about this company. When they first came to my knowledge I took the risk to head out on a nice family fun outing for about four hours in hopes in winning some money on what I thought was the best boat casino cruise in Port Richey Florida.  I have to say that the advertisement you see here on this site, which I am sure you all have been lead too is nothing at all like the real deal. 
When you arrive you walk into a small gathering place to meet the shuttle boat that will take you to the actually casino ship. I do not feel that calling this boat a ship is correct. I would have to say more like the  little tub boat that holds some machines. The shuttle takes you to the actual casino boat and that takes about 35 minutes depending on waters.  After you arrive to the actual casino boat, you will then be told to wait patiently while the staff connects the shuttle with the casino boat to let you get on the casino cruise. 
Should I say the most dangerous thing ever! but they do have men waiting to help you transfer to the boat in case you may fall off the shuttle into rough waters!  
After getting on the boat you will be directed by a male host with a microphone telling you to proceed straight back,or head to the right and up the stairs to where the table games are. Once you arrive on the boat you will be greeted by the remaining individuals who took off early that morning and waiting to get on the shuttle as you board. It is extremely tight When you try to play table games. You will be squished on top of one another and saying excuse me the whole entire ride. While playing craps the boat moves in circles so that you will struggle to get money. The craps staff at the table are rude as fuck! The one particular lady that was rude on my trip was named Myra. She would work alongside the pit boss.  The staff at the craps tables will stick their hands out as you roll the dice and you will end up losing a point and craping out. 
The only time you can play craps are on Saturdays or on some special holidays, so if you are a crap player do not go during the week. Also The food is not that great I would eat before boarding. After you get on land then go to a fast food restaurant because if you eat on boat you will be on the toilet for the rest of the ride. If you get sea sick take some bands or pills to help with that. In all,  you will be on the boat for 4 in a half hours before each shuttle comes. The first shuttle leaves at 11am. The second goes out at 3:30pm and the third goes out at 7:30pm. If you want to stay on boat till last shuttle you can until the last shuttle comes to get you at 12 midnight. 
The staff has a nasty attitude when you ask questions about the game. 
Once again the food is terrible and they only serve certain drinks. So if you are a mixed drink type of individual, you will not get what you want. Mostly on the shuttle it has tables and  a bar for the ride up and home. There is only a limited amount of drinks and you will be hounded to spend more money on scratch off tickets on your way to the casino boat or back to the dock to go home. Slot machines are mediocre, I have not heard or seen anyone win the amounts of money they say mounted up on the wall when you walk in to pay for your boarding. The young man at the counter is rude as fuck! He has  a smart mouth and treats the elderly terribly.
I saw a lady and a staff member arguing because the woman made a cup of soda at the bar and the bartender was not there. The staff member threatened the lady about paying $1.00 for the soda and come to find out the woman had left the money on the bar the whole time.  I would advise anyone thinking about going on this cruise to think carefully. These people are full of shit! & the cruise is horrible. I am sure you still may need to see for your self, but after feel free to come back to this blog and add your opinions. 
Ms Opinionated reporter

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