Ten Dollar Mall Once Again The Trolls Are Lying!

Ten Dollar Mall Once Again The Trolls Are Lying!


Many have been talking about the infamous store that sold reasonable clothing a shoes. Yes! I said sold! The thing is that this store has been shut down since December 2015 online. On January 13th 2016, I was online looking to see what new items were available on this website. To my surprise, the store online had cloths and shoes posted but the shopping cart feature was noted unavailable! 
I am sad to say that reviews that are listed online from shoppers buying in March of 2016 are all lies. The trolls are trying to keep this online store name valid. The truth is that the store could not manage to keep selling the clothing that they brought from sellers like wholesale stores. It seemed that ten dollar mall were unable to keep a website and sell cloths in their off line establishment.
I hate to break the news to all of you but this online store is a joke and to be honest, the clothes are really not that cheap. If you buy a shirt for $9.99 and then pay shipping for $6.75 you do the math! The wholesale price is about $3.50 for a shirt you are paying double with the shipping!
It was also reported that much of the merchandise was coming from China and China got tired or went through a rut to get clothing sent over to the franchise. China however has so much bad blood with many vendors. The problems started after people started buying items that did not match the quality that was promoted online. This is why E-Bay has lost so much business over the years. 
I just felt like letting you all know about what is really going on with ten dollar mall! The store will not be back online until they can straighten out their money and clothing issues. If you want to buy you might have to travel to it’s location.

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