United States Postal Service

Many postal workers have been found lying about delivering packages to homes around the world. The major case of this type of fraud has been happening in the St. Petersburg Florida area over the last few months. To top it off, many have been complaining that not only are the postal service workers lying about delivering packages, but they also are taking unnecessary brakes during their shifts. There has been a rumor going on that the USPS customer service line has been firing a tremendous amount of workers for not doing their jobs correctly. Most postal workers feel that they need a brake and sometimes just saying that they delivered a package is the best way to avoid going to certain houses.

Many are not happy about the late package deliveries, or should I say the non delivered packages that were shown in tracking to be out for delivery. I know that this may be such an inconvenience to loyal USPS customers, and to be honest I feel it is down right dirty to be a business and have such craziness as this going on. When customers pay for a package, they expect to receive their packages on time! Think about it! There are plenty of customers who will spend the extra dollar to get express shipping, in most cases this is a mandatory need to have their product. These individuals who have done so will be angered knowing that the postal service worker purposely skipped their home when they were told their item was out for delivery. Can we really trust USPS?

J Stevens Card


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