Home Depot and terrible customer service!

Home Depot and terrible customer service!

home depot

I took the time to write this post in such disappointment of the customer service of home depot. I feel they are the most unprofessional, scamming, inconsiderate business that I have ever worked with! I order a GE Range stove to have delivered into my home very simple instruction! When the delivery guy arrived to my home with the merchandise they were rough and handled my purchase with the most terrible care. I am very disappointed and will not be buying another item from their store. I did not ask to have it hooked up and did not ask for them to damage my item upon delivery. I am letting you know as a customer I am pissed over and beyond! They will never have to worry about me spending my hard earned money on merchandise from this company. I hope that many of you will not have to go through the disappointment of the bad delivery with this company nor deal with your purchase being handled roughly. If you live in the Florida area, do not expect to get great customer service! I feel that everyone in the Tampa Bay area are just angered, unprofessional, greedy, scamming individuals. It’s a shame I have to go out of town to get great customer service. I truly think that the heat damage has done something to Floridians brains where they just nasty, angry, bitter people.

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2 thoughts on “Home Depot and terrible customer service!”

  1. Let me tell you. I paid 3500 for bruce hardwood flooring at the home depot in Nashville,Tennessee, Briley Pky store. The flooring cracked and it was a horrible mess after purchase. Part of the problem was moisture problems at my home. However, before that, home depot subcontractors (not one could speak English among them), refused to install in the bathroom. They said I did not pay to have the vinyl removed. It has been a long battle and bottom line, I contested and disputed the payment. I lost the battle and am now stuck with a 3500 dollar bill for defective flooring. They were horrible to deal with.. This has gone on for 7 months. I should have gotten an attorney. They ended up with a judgment against me after refunding me. I am not paying the original amount. I had several credits for flooring not needed due to the refusal to install the bathroom. But the dispute settlement says I owe the full amount. Please. Do not deal with these scam artists. Please go someplace else.


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