Oddy the GXD Release

Press Release


Oddy the GXD

Florida, United States 33711



One of the hottest men in Hip Hop has graced the scene with his ability to make you intrigued with the messages that he delivers in his music. I was one of the individuals that were captivated by the words of what I consider a man born to do Hip Hop. As you know, Oddy the GXD has become one of the most influential out break stars in the Hip Hop game.  I take much pleasure presenting to you what I like to call “The King of Hip Hop”. In this current year, Oddy the GXD will feature in one of the hottest entertainment source’s that has ever been released worldwide. This source will include unsigned artist(s) with the drive to produce great productions, and gain the publicity from a fan base to build credibility in entertainment. Oddy the GXD has made a name for himself and has a large following & sponsors. His following will help unsigned artist(s) gain a following they need to become successful in the music industry.  Look for the life story of Oddy the GXD titled “The Oddy Experience” that will be written by Dr. Jaquetta Stevens published 7/20/2017. Some of the popular spots that Oddy the GXD will be presented are in the large market urban area’s to mention just a few Atlanta, Newyork, Mississippi, and the state of Florida.

List of Sponsors to fund projects 

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens

Charles Lee Jordan

Kathy Renae Lewis

Follow Oddy the gxd






Booking info oddysbns@gmail.com


Kind Regards, Dr. Jaquetta Stevens 


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