SCAM ALERT!! 1-844-514-6247

scam Alert

Elderly Tinley Park woman loses $100,000 in scam

Police said a 71-year-old Tinley Park woman was scammed out of $100,000 over the course of the last year after sending money to someone who claimed she had won a $2.5 million Mega Millions prize.

The scam artist told the victim, who lives on Odell Avenue, that she needed to send the $100,000 for tax purposes before she could receive her payout.

The woman used a reverse mortgage, opened up credit cards and sought cash advances to cobble together the money, according to the victim’s daughter. The daughter said her mother did not believe she was being scammed, and only recently admitted to sending the money.

The victim suffers from Parkinson’s disease, according to the police report. Police also advised the daughter to contact the Illinois Attorney General’s Office about the incident.

By: Kate McCann Daily Southtown


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