The Real Truth About Sex, Lies, & Infidelity In Relationships By Dr. Jaquetta Stevens

The Real Truth About Sex, Lies, & Infidelity In Relationships


Woman Has Sex With Multiple Men During Marriage!

Picture Of Man

Woman admits to having relationships with 72 men while married because her husband was not interesting enough.

In a small town in Atlanta Georgia I was called to interview a lady named Sable. The-thirty-four year-old woman admitted to having intimate relationships with at least 72 men. She explained that for years she has put up with the neglect and disrespect from her husband and his family. Sable had to find a way to comfort herself and when doing small things around town would not help, she found herself on dating sites, bars, and social networks which resulted in her sleeping with men to relieve her stress.


     Sable mentioned that there was no greater satisfaction than letting another man have all of her when her husband could no longer entice her mentally or sexually.  After arguments Sable would find herself going through her call log and searching for the next man that she would enjoy sexually. It wasn’t until January 14th 2016 when Sable truly realized how dangerous her actions were when one of her lover’s wives caught on and showed up in the place of her connection.  The wife of the Gentlemen had a gun and threatened the life of Sable. Sable mentioned that the wife said “If you ever contact my husband again, I will be in jail and you will be dead”.

Sable was so freighted to tell anyone about what had happened but confided this terrible information with her niece Jessica. Jessica felt the need to tell her uncle what was going on and let him know that he should also be tested for HIV.  After Sable’s husband found out the news he explained that he had not been sleeping with his wife, because he knew all along of her devious activities on the web. In addition, that the woman that threatened her with the gun, was the same woman who was sleeping with Sable’s husband just last year.  When asked how Sable reacted to the information after founding out what had happened, Sable mentioned that “Now I really don’t feel guilty of what I have done to that bastard”.


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