Dr. Jaquetta Stevens

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens  


   Dr. Jaquetta Stevens is a clinical research Study with a doctorate in psychology. She is a profound writer, entertainment promoter, successful business owner, Journalist and right’s activist. One of the most successful women in this time has come together to help those in the market of entertainment. After getting her degree in clinical research, Dr. Jaquetta Stevens has followed her dreams in helping individuals as a therapist. Many of the issues that she masters is mental illness in children and adults, marriage counseling, abuse, and addictions in many categories.

  Dr. Jaquetta Stevens is known for her many  written articles to help the new and upcoming artist(s) in the music industry, and  she has dedicated herself to speaking up for those who have an important message to share as a rights activist.  Dr. Jaquetta Stevens has written many articles for self help, marriages, divorce, issues with race, youth behavior issues, and healthy lifestyle choices.  

   In her younger years Dr. Jaquetta Stevens modeled and was a singer for majority of her life. She traveled to many places  and put on shows for  African American rights.  She has gained much publicity being a professional black educated businesses owner, therapist,  and sharing her talents in music and production.  Still today, Dr. Jaquetta Stevens strives to focus on helping many in the entertainment industry as she builds readers by implementing her journalism degree. She has definitely made a name for herself and made an impact on others with her drive to make things happen. 

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