You-Tube Vloggers Scared For Their Lives


Many have been vlogging their daily life on YouTube and have enjoyed the perks of becoming a celebrity almost within a month’s time.  However, there are bad things that can happen while doing what has become extremely popular on social media. What YouTube fails to tell those who are online vlogging, that every time you find a fan you have gain twice the amount of stalkers. About a year ago, there had been stories that hackers were taking over email accounts, banks, face-book pages, twitter and even live cams. This started a scare amongst many in the United States. No one truly knows if they are completely safe while on the world-wide-web and I feel that if you are not sure, maybe you should not vlog.

Many famous Vlogger’s have put their life out in full force! believe it or not they have gained just as much hate as they have gotten positive feedback. You-Tube stats show that majority of the You-tube subscribers have created more than one account claiming to be one person, as they comment on their most loved vlogger. The conversations are being carried on with the same person and the vlogger feels that they are talking to different people. One young lady who refused to give her name for protection said when she started getting subscribers she felt good about herself and she really thought that she was making an impact on someone’s life. That all changed when she found that one of her followers knew where she lived, and even wrote bad things about her on the internet while pretending to be a loyal fan at the same time.

The young lady stated that she received gifts to her PO Box and even got tons of acknowledgements for her videos. Little did she know that the individual, who was sending the love, hate, and gifts, was a person who lived in her neighborhood and attended high-school with each other. The stalker had posted the vlogger’s information on several websites along with phone numbers. In addition, the stalker gave everyone who posted a bad comment on the vlogger’s You-Tube channel to each person.

About two months later the vlogger realized that she was getting threatening messages on her social media accounts. Then soon after she would get random text messages that stated “YOU ARE A DUMB BITCH” The vlogger began to get worried and reported the incident to the police. Soon after the vlogger became worried about her children’s safety after she posted a hate vlog on her cheating Ex-husband.  Still today the vlogger shares videos of her life under a new name. She only hopes that when she communicates with someone that they really are a true fan. 



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