Serena Williams US Open Game 2016


I have to say that I was frustrated to the max after seeing such a poor performance of Serena Williams just last night. I cannot believe that this was the same athlete that I have been supporting for so many years. I am not saying that I am not a supporter now I am saying that I cannot believe that she played the way she did in this US Open match. I was so disturbed by her performance I felt like I had to throw a few pieces of my leftover pizza at the television set. I cannot believe what has happened;

Let’s be clear! This was not at all a solid performance by what we know to be the champion of tennis! Many say that Serena Williams was tired, had no drive, & just seemed as if she could care that this game was extremely important. Others were really bothered that she played it off as; oh it’s no big deal! After storming her way off the court without any words to the crowd! I am a little confused about what is going on with Serena Williams, and I demand to know why the hell she even considered playing if she felt that her leg was so severely damaged.

Let’s face it this was not her best and honestly, I feel that she was acting like a sore loser. I love Serena Williams and would like to know some answers. Before I close this post, I would like to also throw out there that why the hell would she flake on such an important game as this! We all were counting on you Serena Williams; it is time that you redeem yourself and start taking full responsibility for your actions. There was no excuse for the way this game ended and I am highly pissed! What are your thoughts?



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