The Husband & The Mistress Episode 1 Amanda Story


Poor little Amanda it’s only been a week and still she finds that her husband Fredrick is still sleeping with the woman next door. I am sure she feels hurt by this! So much that the idea of killing him and taking everything that he has is the best option.  It is fair to say that Amanda is not thinking clearly; although this is the case, Amanda wants to take matters into her own hands and start some trouble between her husband and the woman she found him cheating with these last few months. Amanda calls her husband’s office and left a message that she would like to have a romantic dinner by the lake house in Deentown that they rented a year ago.  Amanda hung up the phone with a devious smile knowing that her plan will all come together in due time. She then called the mistress and played as her husband’s secretary.  She announced loud after hearing a flattering young girls voice on the machine saying, “Hi! You reached Stacey; I can’t come to the phone right now so you know what to do!“

At this point Amanda held her anger and said, “Hi this is Marsha Bell, I am Fredrick’s secretary could you please meet him in Deentown at the lake house on 65th street at 7pm tonight. Be there or be square! Chow!”  Amanda slammed the phone down and ran down the stairs from her bedroom to the front door. She then turns towards the kitchen and remembers, Damn! I forgot to pick up the supplies from the tool store. Amanda rushes out the house to her black BMW convertible. When she got inside the car she took out pen and paper and wrote her first note to herself for the day.  The note read I am special, smart, sweet, loving, and kind I will do anything for my family even if it means killing anyone who get in the way of my happiness.

Amanda takes the note and slides it under the seat; Amanda cranks up the car and drives to the store to collect the materials that she needed. When she arrived she ran inside and grabbed a shovel, gloves, hoe, duct tape, handcuffs, hammer, nails, and wood.  Amanda approached the counter, reached into her wallet, and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. Amanda threw it on the counter and told the cashier to keep the change. The cashier watched Amanda as she bagged her own materials and ran out the door.  Once Amanda made it to the car she placed the bag of materials in the backseat and drove down to the Deentown lake house.  Upon arrival Amanda noticed that she was the first one there and she had plenty of time to shower up, and put on something sexy for the night.

After about an hour of preparing Amanda received her first guest for the evening. Her husband Fredrick arrived with a lovely set of red roses and Amanda’s favorite wine. When he rang the door bell Amanda open the door with a smile on her face. She pulled her husband close and greeted him with a seductive kiss. He replied, “Someone is sure glad to see me!” Amanda said “Hi baby go near the fire place open up the wine and turn on some music, I have a very special surprise for you tonight”. Fredrick did as he was instructed and Amanda ran upstairs and prepared for the big event.  After Amanda was finished setting up she called for her husband to meet her upstairs. Fredrick was anxious and was filling his head up with dirty thoughts.

When he made it up to the bedroom Amanda took his hand and pulled him close. She then undressed him as she discovered that he was extremely excited to see her. Amanda took a scarf and wrapped around Fredrick’s eyes and guided him to the bed.  Amanda told Fredrick to lie patiently while she grabs some delicious strawberries. Fredrick replied “Hurry back my love I really want you”.   Amanda went back downstairs turned the music up a little more. As she was doing this she noticed that Fredrick’s mistress was pulling in the driveway. Amanda saw that her plan was going well. She slipped a note outside the door that read, Come on in my love and go to the kitchen; make sure to put on the robe that is lying on the counter. Stacey read the note when she approached the porch and then she did what she was instructed after finding the kitchen.

Stacey walked near the den where she saw the well lighted fireplace and the rose petals lying on the floor.  Stacy got excited as she felt that Fredrick was being romantic. She sipped a glass of wine and began to touch herself while thinking of Fredrick. Amanda tempted to go in to grab her at this time, but felt the need to wait when she discovered Stacey taking pleasure of herself on the couch. Amanda watched as Stacey took off the robe, laid on her back, and she stuck her fingers inside her vagina. Stacey thrust her fingers deep inside until she leaked relief. After Stacey had finished she stared at the fire as the logs crackled. Then Stacey noticed something strange, it was almost like there was a shadow standing behind her. At that moment she began to get nervous; Stacey turned slowly and before she could see anyone’s face she fell down to the floor from the impact of a bottle to the head.

To Be Continued……..

All rights reserved @2016. All works belong to Jaquetta Stevens Productions and should not be rewritten, copied, or redistributed without the permission of Jaquetta Stevens Productions.


Episode 2 releases 9/19/2016

Disclaimer: This post is creative writing of fiction stories. These readings are not to be taken seriously nor to reenact  behaviors from stories. These stories are for entertainment only for those who love fiction writing.




6 thoughts on “The Husband & The Mistress Episode 1 Amanda Story”

  1. So will Fredrick find out that Stacey was in the house next read? & tell me will Amanda kill her or just punish them? I think he should die both of them this scum bag for sleeping around on his wife. I will be tuned in for the next story.

    Liked by 6 people

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