Radio host McKay died of cocaine overdose, according to medical examiner Dave McKay


A well-known St. Petersburg radio personality died in August from a cocaine overdose, authorities confirmed Monday.

Dave McKay, whose real name was Steve Ehmke, was 55 when he died Aug. 4.

He was part of the Dave and Veronica show on 99.5 WQYK. Bill Pellan of the Pinellas County Medical Examiner’s Office said autopsy results were released Monday.

Police said Ehmke didn’t show up for work Aug. 4. A coworker who lives in his building checked on him and found him deceased.

Pasco fugitive turns himself in after marijuana wax fire kills dogs


The Pasco County man wanted for starting a house fire that killed two dogs turned himself in Monday.

  • Steven James, 24, is accused of starting a marijuana wax fire
  • The fire exploded on Sept. 3
  • Flames killed two dogs, destroyed home

Deputies say Steven James, 24, was making marijuana wax when the flames broke out.

According to authorities, as soon as the fire began, Brown grabbed his drugs and ran – leaving two caged dogs and a 1-year-old in the house. Other adults who were at the property rescued the child, but the dogs died in the flames.

Investigators say Brown was manufacturing a drug called marijuana wax or butane hash oil at the time.


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