Tired of the wife or husband?

Many women and men complain that they are tired of their spouse, and they would like to have a better relationship with the individual they married. I found it to be quite disappointing hearing women say that they did not want to be touched by their spouse anymore. What many couples don’t understand is, when you have gotten tired of the bullshit the spouse does to you on a daily basis, then you are going to be tired of them being around you and later regret the relationship.

I knew a young lady who complained day and night about the immaturity of her husband and how she felt she deserved better. What most women don’t understand is that, men and women are imperfect people, so when picking your mate make sure that you can handle their imperfections and all. In this case, that’s where I would recommend dating for a long period of time before hooking up in a long term committed relationship.  Listen up! Don’t marry a man just because you had kids together; or feel like time is ticking away, more so because you feel that you have to have someone in your life to function.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make, and it can ruin you for the rest of your life. For example, I knew a man who complained that his girlfriend had no drive, she was lazy, and could not commit to anything to save her life! I smiled and said, “why in the hell are you thinking of marriage!?” He mentioned because he had been with her for so long and the family loved her. I then began to ask, do you make decisions based on what is good for you or your family?  When we date we have to realize that we can only be happy with someone who compliments us, makes us feel good, adds to the household, and respects your bond. In all, these individual’s are reflections of who you are.

If you wouldn’t wear a dirty shirt to work, walk in a place without brushing your teeth, or embarrass yourself in public, why would you let your spouse do it!? I find many women and men complain how their spouse degrade and abuse them. Why do they allow it!? If they would not allow someone they didn’t know to do it why allow their lovers. It’s something that many seem to ask when they see these things happen. So what if he takes care of most of the bills you have to believe that you can do it on your own. Stop accepting black eyes from a man, stop accepting your woman to cheat in front of your face. Where is your confidence! I do not know why we put ourselves in these situations. If a man or woman loves you they will do right!

We are the reasons for our relationship issues! Yes! I said it because we refuse to walk out the door or lay our foot down and say what we mean and mean what we say. I find that women constantly give chance after chance after chance to only allow their spouses to run the streets and continue to sleep around on them, and still have a home to lay their head! Change the locks, call him on the phone, tell him you saw what he did and it’s unacceptable. Leave him and start working on healing for yourself.  It’s time to say goodbye; In all, there are some that deserve to have second chances. However, if you cannot stand to live with the man or woman you married or currently dating, then you need to say goodbye; what you are feeling is regret, disappointment, you also could be bitter but it is not love.

Sincerely, Mrs-opinionated.


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