Company known as was found as a scamming company that was reported taking extra money off of individuals credit cards once an individual pays for purchase. There were some red flags with the company from the beginning a lady mentioned so we wanted to make sure we were uploading solid facts before posting on this media site. In the emails below it shows the customer talking to the company about an extra ten dollars being moves from clients card. After the first time reaching out, the client heard from one woman who appeared to be posing as a full company. All emails lead to different person, in addition on the site the numbers just lead over to a voicemail of a Verizon customer. There is no way to contact anyone of the issue which lead us to the client telling her story. 

 The client orders from the company regularly for her high-school child however this last time she realized she was being scammed. 




After last email the client did not hear anything from the company. She also noticed that on all the sites the numbers are not operational for calls.  BUYER BEWARE!

Note! We blocked out the name of the client for protection.





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