Women Stop Being So Easy While Dating!

Women Stop Being So Easy While Dating!


Many women are complaining about how they feel they are being used by men. However, you cannot just blame the man ladies, because you are not capable to keep your legs closed. A man knows when he has a woman who is too available, eager to give him what he wants even when he does not deserve it, always making him the center of attention and thought. This is why you fail at relationships! Men know they can do whatever they want, say whatever they want, be whomever they want and not care how the lady feels about it; when they are involved with a woman who is simply too easy!

All a man has to do is say that you look nice and the panties come off! What’s the problem!? why is it that we reward a man for things that he should do if he loves you! Never give out a reward for every simple deed. Why do you feel a need to do this ladies? Do you think that if you don’t reward for every small deed that he may not stick around? How does your man act when you tell him not right now? Does this turn into a big argument of some sort? I am confused… How can a woman sleep with a man and he has not had time to ask your last name, what you do for a living, learn about your values, or say more than “what’s up ma can you come thru!” It’s time for us ladies to change how we are! Leave something to the imagination, make sure he does not have a disease, find out if the connection will go further than a one night stand.

I’ve learned that the safest thing one can ever do in their life is learn to love and respect themselves first before anyone can do the same for them. Don’t expect a man to love you the way you wish a father could for him not being present, or expect to be with a man who clearly does not care to make more out of a relationship than sex. I have no problem with women who date, but there is a problem of where you seek to find them. The quality of the man is determined often by the place that they were found. I cannot understand why we take so little and offer to our lovers so much! It’s time for a change! Are you too available or too concerned about having a man that your values do not exists?

 I believe that there are some values in you ladies, and I believe that we do have great men of all nationalities waiting to be with one of you. How about we stop giving ourselves to those who take away the beauty we have inside, stop allowing a stranger to place seeds in our wombs that are undeserving, smile more, tell yourself you are beautiful and worth more than a half a man, be honest with all you meet, take care of your bodies, find successful careers and dominate the world, be fair, try to have more women friends who value you as a person, make more time for your faith and spirituality, live and be cautious who you allow in your life. You are too beautiful and too smart to be too easy!

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens


Copyright 2017 This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


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