Plenty Of Fish

Why (POF) Plenty of Fish May be The Worst Decision for Dating.

Of course many women and men set out to find Mr. or Mrs. Right; however, some sites that we set sail to find that true romance may not be a wise decision. I have found that many daters on (POF) are continually looking for fresh meat because many of the dates are a flop. Many women share their desire’s careers, what they hope to find online to only be disappointed by the results. With so many singles in one place, how do you expect to find Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Well to be honest, I do not think there is a high percentage; mostly today many sites required payment for best results. Dating site owners suggest that when you pay for something that you are serious about, the greater chance for single men and women to find their potential matches. I personally do not think that this is a true notion; I find that paying for a dating site is like paying for entertainment, a dater will pay to play with a woman or a man’s heart. However, many believe that the bigger the fee for love the better the results will be. I can agree with this to some degree!

I think that dating has become so hard because we fail to understand who we are as individuals. We ask so much and have demands, but these demands have not landed us the right man or woman. So I am thinking out of all the women and men on the dating sites, there is a possible chance that one may find 20 % of women and men who are looking for serious relationships. For one thing, I think the layout of dating sites are all wrong;  how about allowing daters to view one personal ad at a time, instead of thousands of women and men once they have met their potential match.

I find that if dating sites would put a limit on how much you can browse a day, or ask would you like to continue communicating with a potential dater before talking, or viewing anymore singles would be the perfect setup! I am not saying get rid of all your variety of men and women, but take some time to get to know your choices before moving forward.  So for example, you are searching the site, a man may find a woman that could be his ideal match. He sends a message and waits that whole day for a reply and possibly lands a date. The dater has time to reflect on the positive things he heard from his choice. In addition he can remember their name; this dater will not be able to view anymore women of his choice and vice verse until they have decided to move on. I think this setup will help couples focus on who they need to focus on at that time. It seems with so many distractions online it is very difficult to find the right person. I also believe that one needs to be careful of how they search the engines. Meaning, if you find a man or woman showing all the goods in a profile, it may not be a good idea to continue the process of meeting that individual.  I have to say that you can determine a lot about a profile picture; I have seen many red flags that women overlooked that should have been of concern. This logic also goes for the men;

The point is I feel that if you truly want to find love, maybe just meeting them in person is a better option. Most people are able to fix themselves and not focus on just you when they are online. Another point is that a person cannot be figured out through a profile picture or phone conversation. To see someone in person shows more than what you would get from the phone or the internet. Let me be clear, I know that there is no way to determine the true person from one or two meetings, or even find out all you need in years, but it most certainly gives you more of an idea of who they are.

I mean this by the words they choose, how they sit at a table, how they interact in conversation, how they handle alcohol, how they react with other individuals like staff at a restaurant, and so much more. I would say your chances are better in person than dating sites especially (POF).  I am not saying that all dating sites are bad, but I am saying that you may spend more time trying to weed out the bad apples before you would find the right man or woman online.

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Dr. Jaquetta Stevens 



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