Kim Kardashian Robbery Pics: See the Crime Scene, Meet the Suspects

Most Kim Kardashian photos center on her butt and/or her boobs.

But the following Kim Kardashian photos are of interest for a very different reason:

They give us our first real look at the robbery that took place inside Kim’s Paris apartment in October of 2016.

Released by France’s TF1 news channel, these images depict the crime scene, along with surveillance video images of several of the suspects.

Scroll through the pictures now…

1. The Bathroom

The Bathroom



This is where Kim was tied up by her captors.

The Duct Tape

The thieves left behind the roll of duct tape they used to bind together Kim’s hands.


The Bed

This is the bed from which Kardashian was woken by sounds of the intruders, who proceeded to yank her out of it.

4. The Zip Tie

The Zip Tie

More duct tape left behind, along a zip tie also used to keep Kim in place.

5. The Suspects

The Suspects

The suspects are allegedly meeting here at a cafe, following the robbery.

6. There’s One!

There's One!

In January of 2017, a handful of men were taken into custody and suspected of the crime.

7. There’s Another!

There's Another!

Surveillance video outside of Kim’s building provided authorities with this photo from the night of the robbery.

8. They’re Getting Away!

They're Getting Away!

Yes, the suspects are believed to have fled the scene on bicycles.

9. The Mastermind?

The Mastermind?

This is the mug shot of the man suspected to have set the robbery in motion. His son was also involved.

More Surveillance Footage

More Surveillance Footage

Technology has allowed police to blow up and hone in on photos such as this, in order to identity those featured in them.

Hernando deputy shoots, kills ‘erratic’ suspect that stabbed dogs


A Hernando County deputy shot and killed a suspect Monday who authorities said was armed with a knife, acting erratically and had stabbed a dog. 

  • Suspect shot by deputy, later dies
  • Sheriff’s Office: Man was acting erratically
  • Deputy not injured

The deputy involved was not injured.

The incident occurred late Monday morning at Cedar Land and Duffield Road in Brooksville. The man shot by the deputy was taken to a hospital where he died. 

His identity has not been released yet.

Deputies said the man was acting erratically and had knocked down part of a fence. 

According to officials, he stabbed a bassett hound and struck a pit bull with a tire iron. It is not clear if the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Officials have not released details of the shooting. 

This is a developing story and more information will be released as it becomes available. 



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