Facebook A Disgrace


Facebook has continued to become one of the most hated social media sites there is. It’s sad because there is nothing that Facebook can do to clear the name of their business. Every since the first existence of Facebook it has caused nothing but horrible pain to communities nationwide. Most of these issues include violence, pornography, infidelity, and bullying. After all of these things that have happened with Facebook they still remain to keep their business operating, not thinking about the harm that the social media site is causing to individuals.

However, I do understand that Facebook is not responsible for the actions of human beings, but something has to be done when violence can be demonstrated on a network and putting children and teens at risk of viewing such horrific acts. The same thought came to mind when speaking on issues with YouTube. You-tube definitely has its share of complaints when it comes to inappropriate viewings.  This world has become a place that privacy is invaded and individuals are selling their soles to be a part of organizations like Facebook and YouTube.

 What really gets me going is that just a few days ago on April 16th 2017 on Easter! A man decided to share him killing an elderly innocent man because he was shown inadequate in dealing with his issues.

News Clip Here!  


Facebook was responsible to answer why this video of such a harsh crime was even available to watch by millions for hours. Personally something has to be done. If you want to make the world better than protect the individuals who implement the networking site. Have rules and guidelines, you know what! It would even be for the best benefit to have real live customer service representatives to answer questions. It’s ridiculous that when approached by the press you cannot give answers for the upsetting events that Facebook seem to be implemented for.

Facebook refuses to give answers or even give their condolences to families affected by violence. It seems to me that if a networking company discovers that maybe their site is not as brilliant as they wanted that they would close it down or work on safer ways to have this experience. It’s all about money for the networking site and to be honest many of us are supporting the site in its dirty game of making individuals look like fools and showing our nation as a joke. Well Facebook! You really did it this time! All I can say to many of you is stay tuned…..





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