No One Tells the Truth on You-tube


I find that many individuals seem to have YouTube accounts. The goal for having these accounts is to produce more sales in advertising.  Why you may ask? Well this is because it opens a door for your favorite You-tuber to become what most would call famous, or better yet get a fat check from advertising companies. It’s so sad to report that millions of people are being deceived by you tubers about products, their life, and so much more. This is all just so that they can get a click on a video and gain funds. So I like to call this technique funds for lies…

We all desperately want to know the truth before we buy, or try something new for the first time. Many of us want to hear from others, but these individuals that we hear from, do not always keep it real when it comes to the products, places, or services. I found that many individuals brought items that were talked about online, spent monies at places dining, took major vacations at the wrong times of the year, or out of their budgets, to only find out that the decision they made was a terrible mistake. What many individuals don’t know is that it’s all a game just to get you to do something you wouldn’t normally do unless you were persuaded by someone you really enjoyed watching.

We all want to be like that famous celebrity, friend, family member, or just seem a part of the in-crowd. Yes! You would go to the extreme so you can go out and do what you wouldn’t normally do, to later be disappointed when it doesn’t work or go your way. The question is… Do you still respect the You-tubers you follow after you realize they lied or were paid to get you to waste your time with a product, service, or place? It seems that everyone rather pretend than to be honest about what they are promoting because at the end of the day money really controls the human being.

 My question is, if so many are trying to get customers to buy or visit locations so the companies can bank off of individuals. Why are we still doing what they want us to do? Is it possible that you may be so infatuated by a You-tuber that you cannot make up your own minds anymore? It’s all a game and believe me if you are doing everything that someone persuades you to do but still do not see benefits, then I will say to you my friend you are being played.


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