Many individuals hang out with their friends for a sexy night out; and while doing so, these individuals are normally approached by someone who is not their type. It’s hard to tell someone you are not interested in them, when they come with hopes of being that man or woman to score your love. It should not be hard to tell someone that you aren’t into them. It seems this has become such a problem for most people to do. My question is why? Why are we so afraid to tell someone that they are just not our type? I am not only speaking for those who hang out at bars, clubs, or other public places, but let’s talk about those you have known for years. It’s even hard for most to tell someone they care about that they do not want to make anything serious out of the relationship. It’s bothering in so many ways because it should be easy to tell your true friend that you do not want to be more than friends.

Not My Type 22


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