Part One

   The news reported yesterday that a twenty-nine year old woman had been found missing. Her name was Tammy Walker; Tammy was a very successful woman who had her life together. She was getting ready to get married and had talked many times with her mother Catherine Walker of having kids with her wonderful fiancée. A detective John Smith was on the case and wanted to know what the hell had happened to Tammy. Tammy was liked by many, she was attractive, smart, and was consider a beautiful dark haired, brown eyed beauty. The town Tammy grew up in was devastated and wanted answers to this awful crime.

John went to each family member of Tammy; John wanted to get as much information on the victim as possible. The first person in question was Tammy’s Fiancée Jim Fields.  John made his way to the door and knocked aggressively. When the door opened, John was greeted by an older woman who was later discovered to be Jim’s Mother Rachael Fields.  Jim’s Mother invited John in and asked him if he wanted something to drink. John agreed and thanked the woman for letting him speak with her family on this awful tragedy.

Rachael yelled for her son Jim to meet John, and to give any information he had on Tammy’s whereabouts. John could tell that Jim was nervous and seemed to be shaken up with what had happened. John asked Jim “Where were you on the night that Tammy went missing”? Jim replied “I seen her yesterday night after we went to dinner, I made sure she was inside before pulling out of her drive way. John then asked “Did you not walk her inside?” Jim said rudely “Tammy and I had a fight and she demanded that I leave her house”. Jim also mentioned that when he left her she was fine.  John stared closely at Jim and noticed he was acting strange as if he was being watched by someone. Jim then asked if he was done with questions, he explained that he had something’s to do. John nodded in agreement and made sure to let Jim know he would be watched. John also made it clear that leaving town was not an option.

Jim ran back upstairs and Rachael asked John if there was anything she could do. John suggested that if she heard anything else to reach him at the police department. John walked out with concern and went home for the night. When John arrived home he went inside grabbed a beer while staring at his old wedding photo on his refrigerator. John stared with grief having a flash back of the night his wife was stabbed to death by a robber. John sobbed and fell backwards on the couch not waking up till morning. John heard the loud sound of his alarm clock as he struggles to get up off the couch with a terrible headache. He threw the clock on the floor and grabbed two aspirins out the bathroom cabinet and washed it down with a bud light.

John’s partner Ray called to let him know that he needed to see him at the station. John hung up the phone got dressed and headed to the police station. When John arrived, Ray mentioned that he had some important information to share about the Walker case. John was attentive waiting to see what Ray had to give. Ray threw a bag which contained a pair of panties, a note with fancy writing, and dark red lipstick. John was confused and wanted to know where the items were recovered. Ray mentioned that he found them in an alley at a gentlemen’s club.  The club was only a few blocks from where Tammy Walker lived. All the evidence was taken to the lab to see who it belonged too. Ray assured John that it would be at least 24 hours before he had any information on the items.     

Later that night John went to the club; he saw many women dancing on poles and taking men back for one on one pleasure. As John approached the bar he recognized Jim Fields speaking and kissing on another young woman. John approached and asked Jim how he was doing. Jim got annoyed and felt awkward and said he was fine. John watched the two as they fondled each other and proceeded to head back in a private room. John faced the bar and asked the bartender to make him a scotch. He took a drink and started to express to the bartender he was looking for a woman named Tammy Walker. The bar tender said he knew her but was not sure where she was. He mentioned she had not been to the club in a month.

John asked the bartender to make sure to reach him if he found out any more information.  The bartender agreed and continued serving his customers. John went home late that night drinking his usual beer. He laid down to rest and woke up to the sounds of sirens down the street. John jump up with a stagger and grabbed his pants and ran outside without a shirt. He began to run closer to the ambulance to see what had happened. He noticed that there was a body bag rolling out of the nearby alley. Before the police could place it in the vehicle, John demanded to see the body showing his badge.

When the bag opened John saw the face of the woman who was with Jim Fields in the gentlemen’s club. John immediately went to Jim’s house and demanded to speak with him. Jim’s Mom came down in panic wanting to know what was going on. John expressed that he saw a woman dead that was with Jim last night at a club. Rachael replied “Oh my lord!”  Jim came down stairs wanting to know what was going on. John got in Jims face as he punched him saying “you bastard! What did you do?” Jim screamed “Nothing!” as he was bleeding from his nose; I didn’t do anything man what are you talking about Jim stated. John yelled “There is a woman that is dead and your ass was the man with her”. Jim constantly expressed it wasn’t me man I left the club early last night around 11 pm ask anyone there. That chick I was with doesn’t leave work till 3am.

John got close in Jims face as Jim covered his head, John stated “Your story better be legit or your ass is mine” After John ran out the house and drove to the police station. When john arrived his lieutenant said loudly “John where have you been and you look like shit!”  John said “I need a warrant this asshole Jim killed Tammy and I know he killed the girl we found this morning”. Ray jumped in and asked “how do you know man?” John stated that he knew and he wanted a warrant to shut his ass down. Ray tried to calm ray down but it didn’t work. John was then demanded by his boss to go home. He was told that his behavior was outright inappropriate and he needed to blow off steam.

John was pissed and flipped over his desk and took off outside the police station.  Everyone in the police station was wondering what was going on with John. They could not believe that he was acting this way. Later that night, John sat outside the Fields house watching everything that moved. Jim became annoyed and told his mom to cut off all the lights for bed. Jim rushed outside and asked John to leave his residence. John replied “I will stay here until you are in jail” Jim was pissed and said as he was running in the house your wrong man you will see.

That next morning Jim woke up in his car as he watched another slender attractive young woman at the Fields door. John stepped out to watch from a distance. Jim greeted the young woman and offered her to come in. Before Jim closed the door he saw John standing out front, and felt the need to give John the finger as he slammed the door. Shortly after, Rachael fields came out to work in her garden. John decides to greet her while she works; “Hi John” Rachael said; John explained that he needed to know if she knew anything about her son that she did not disclose. Rachael swore she had no clue and was wondering if he could help her with something she discovered. John became extremely attentive and wondered what she could have wanted.  Rachael then said “I found some rat traps near my home can you grab them. With disappointment he agreed and took a trash bag to pick up the traps. After working she offered John something to eat. When john got inside he washed his hands and sat at the table.

John explained to Rachael that she needed to be careful because he believed that her son was a cold blooded killer. Rachael laughed and said “You silly goose my Jim couldn’t hurt a fly!” John said “ma’am you can never be too sure of what a man can do”. Rachael brought John a plate of food and a tall glass or juice. He ate and they continued talking. Rachael said to john “I am going to be straight with you, I know my son would never hurt anyone it’s just not in his blood. John started to feel faint as Rachael spoke on her son. In a weird faint voice John asked Rachael “how do you know he is not a killer” Rachael laughed out loud and said “I know because I killed the women you are looking for”. After John heard the last words his head hit the table he was knocked out cold.

Author: Jaquetta Stevens Ph.D

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