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    Many of you have heard about the new media entertainment source that will publish on August 28th 2016. The idea of this source is to market unsigned entertainment to release to the public for exposer. Each participant will have a chance to showcase their portfolio in the 2016 first edition of unsigned artist(s) in the JSE Entertainment Source absolutely free. Many of you have agreed upon the terms to showcase in this free edition to brand your name as a record label, band, or musician and you are receiving this notice to inform the release date so that you may send in all required information for publication. Many of you who have had articles written on Matterofopinionsite.wordpress.com, will also have an additional page with your article attached. Please refer to this document for detailed information on what is needed to proceed. All information that is requested must be issued by August 15th 2016. After the requested date, applicants will not be accepted for publish for this year.

  The edition will be published nationwide and sold on a market place of buyers. Once the required information is published it cannot be removed from that edition. We request that all applicants understand that we are not liable for the image you present to the media. We ask that applicants post what they feel will give them positive reviews to a wide audience.


  All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to submit an application, If the applicant is under the required legal age, an adult must request permission for the under aged applicant to be listed in the source. All applicants are accepted if indeed are entertainers of the musical, radio, modeling, management, visual arts and photography industry. Applicants that are not accepted are individuals who promote gang activity, pornography, and independent films that the rights of the production are not fully granted.  All producers and management must post a physical address and business number that can be verified as a business. We will not allow personal numbers or addresses of applicants in the guide to protect from fraud and invasion of privacy. JSE ENTERTAINMENT SOURCE, will not be responsible for threats, stalkers, and hate from the wide web of publication.

Every artist will be able to post all social media sites of their choice and up to ten links. In addition, all applicants will be able to promote their album releases and tour dates up until the end of 2017 year in this first edition. Applicants are required to have at least one quality Photography for their page in the source. Distorted photography will not be accepted.


What We Need From You:


  1. Name that you go by:
  2. Brief Bio of who you are and what you do:
  3. Age, Sex, Nationality, Status
  4. Area of location: (We only need the state which you reside).
  5. Links, Business Address and Telephone only! We suggest P.O. Box.
  6. Album release dates and names: (We suggest having all rights to music and names before publication).
  7. Quality Photography
  8. Length In Business
  9. Acknowledgements (This is Optional!)


      Send all required information to: Matterofopinion247@yahoo.com

Subject Line: Source Entry.


Kind Regards, Dr. J. Stevens




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