Wilma Kaddissi

Wilma Kaddissi

Drummer / Lyricist / Songwriter

New York, New York


Drummer / Songwriter for Alt/Electro/Rock Band The Toxic Femmes

– Nov 2011 to Nov 2014.

Based in New York City, started by Australian drummer / songwriter Wilma Kaddissi, and fronted by fellow Australian, lead singer / songwriter Eve Wheeler. Bass player Tito and guitarist Mike were added in 2012 to complete the band line-up. The Toxic Femmes released their title track & music video ‘Hurt Me’​ April 22, 2014, and their second EP ‘Hurt Me’ was released October 1st, 2014. Their self titled debut EP was released March 31, 2013.

Lyricist / Songwriter – Co-writes with Producers and Artists – 2006 to Present.
Jordan Brown – Multitalented Musical Artist & Producer, NYC
Llyod Landesman – Blue Steel Music, Inc. New York City, USA
Adrian Thorstensen – New York City, USA
Harald Hanisch – A1 Music, Vienna, Austria
Lamar Lowder – Visionlux, Sydney, Australia
Erik Rydemark & Sven Lundholm – Song Shaper Studio, Stockholm City, Sweden
Sven Tydeman – Kittygroove Studios, Sydney, Australia
Erik Rico – LifeNotes Music, Los Angeles, USA

Charlie’s Angels Security Services, Sydney, Australia – Jan 2002 – Aug 2010
Employed as a licensed security professional for an elite female security firm in Australia, where the security industry is heavily regulated by the NSW Police Force. Trained, certified and licensed in bodyguard personal protection, firearms usage, baton and handcuffs usage, self-defence tactics, security operations, first aid and property loss prevention. Worked dozens of concerts, special events, high-end retail, corporate events, clubs, individual bodyguard assignments, private investigator assignments, property protection and numerous other assignments.

Professional Dancer & Choreographer – Nov 1989 to Nov 2009
Performed in rock-n-roll cabaret shows in numerous venues throughout Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia.
Performed various genres of dance with numerous professional artists for tours, live shows, film and music videos.



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